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English: Let’s go Hellas – Now more than ever!

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Severe crisis in paradise and ... optimism. They do not seem to fit together, but this book shows that it can in fact be the case. When in 2010 clouds of gloom and despair gathered over Greece and the talk was of bankruptcy and grexit, Georg Petras, a successful entrepre¬neur in Germany, decided to open an estate agent´s office on “his” island of Rhodes. In the story of this German-Greek you experience all the ups and downs of the past few years in Hellas - the personal, political, entrepreneurial and economic. By the way, inside this book you also get tips for a possible real estate purchase. Above all, you learn how Greece ticks and that everything is possible here.

Georg Petras: Let’s go Hellas – Now more than ever! 144 pages, 78 fotos, soft cover, 19 x12 cm. Publishing house Griechenland Zeitung, Athens 2017.
ISBN: 978-3-99021-021-5
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